by blue smiley

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subwayfanacct Great album. Got me out of a music boredom lull Favorite track: flip.
Stephen McCann
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Stephen McCann so glossy and so raw. im really happy i found this. tysm Favorite track: idk.
Mike Baehr
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Mike Baehr Proof that being influenced by My Bloody Valentine should mean more than using 16 pedals and a whammy bar. This is beautifully hazy, intimate, disorienting pop. Favorite track: flip.
Matt Schwerin
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Matt Schwerin Strange, warbly-guitared, jittery, emotional, pop -leaning rock tunes. Or something like that. I'm not a music writer. I like this. Philly churns out the best of the weird; brushing the hair out of their eyes, their clothes tattered, they slither out of the basements into the harsh light of day. Favorite track: old.
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tapes here:

matt mcgraw played drums and tabla
mike corso played bass
abi reimold sang on idk
josh lesser helped with glass and coma

recorded and mixed at sex dungeon with dan angel and james ryskalchick

some parts recorded with tom kelly at his dad's house

coma recorded at home and at nico nico with josh

mastered by andy clarke

artwork by emily daley

thx yall much love


released July 11, 2016




blue smiley Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: bird
walk down a long path
a street overpass
taking the hearse
to meet your match
to return is a long way back
warm ground
fall down
Track Name: flip
discern your serpents
i saw your number call
it served no purpose
to pick up
another fatal flaw
face off i dont want
in a gray zone i forgot
a race i will never run
Track Name: dark
separate yourself
from the rusted shell
of a hermit in the wood
poor judgement
the self defeating pen
wrote the stupid afterword
you can bare your skin
if you let them in
more incentive for the whore
it's a naked hell
there's nothing left to sell
pure intention is a bore
in the dark
i'll keep looking out the door
head's still in the dark
Track Name: old
won't change
nothing new
warm blanket
wrapped in blue
bed made
to fall into
dead weight
holding you
Track Name: glass
in a glass world
wont bear thoughts
of your neighbors lawn
ground was so green
it was all done
blood birth
that you wrought
became a song
cold and lonely
spitting the purpose south
pushing the pain right down
into an open mouth
wasnt surprised
what came out
Track Name: pray
hell in your eyes
the light was gone
all the pills you swallow
will come out
like an old black dog
waking up
what you want
hanging on
to the cross
looking down
im not looking now
waiting for your eyes
to well up
Track Name: idk
before our gaze met
the score always set
rain on your head
weight on your bed
the thorn always red
it tore our frayed end
made mother mad
fade away fad
Track Name: tree
new rose
in the coldest pose
reaching out
for the thorn
old tree
with a poison seed
couldn't be left alone
havent thought about
that place in awhile
wont miss another
reason to smile